Ditch Bunnies "Row Row Row"
Christian Kann "Equilibrium"
Northville Tunnels "What's Your Damage?"
The Kiriks "Medieval Dinner"
c.haxholm "Mindre i de Ord"

A 19-track, hour+ long playlist/sampler has also been created, in case you want a loose preview/overview.

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bs,bta (be sweet, but take action) is a "net-label" by the founder of BSBTA (Bloated Sasquatch Beer Theatre Audio, 2000-2012), A Beard of Snails (2006-2014), and Metaphysical Circuits (2013-2019.)

To the artists whose music figures in bs,bta's 2021 Digital Release Collection — thank you for helping me commemorate 20+ years of releasing music in the depths, and on the edges, of no cliques or set scenes.

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