Call for submissions: Your EP or album as part of the bs,bta label's 2021 release collection?

Hello, or hello again.

BSBTA (Bloated Sasquatch Beer Theatre Audio) was a CD/CD-R/vinyl label, active from 2000 to 2007, and then, briefly, in 2012.

For the time being, I (label founder Christian Kann) am reconnect-ing/-ed, in the form of bs,bta (be sweet, but take action) – a "netlabel" of similar spirit, for the pre-apocalyptic new roaring twenties.

Earlier, via my (defunct but still visible) Metaphysical Circuits label, bs,bta called for submissions for an "epic" 20th anniversary compilation. I received hardly any tracks for it, so the release has been scrapped.

Instead, my sights are set on 2021...

2021 will, in its own way, be a record-label-related milestone – 20 years since I first started releasing other people's music; thus "it suddenly felt more real."

In January or February 2021 (exact date TBD), bs,bta would like to present at least 20 digital EPs and/or albums, by separate artists, through its Bandcamp site, as an annual collection of sorts. Will these be the only releases on bs,bta in 2021? Who knows?!

I obviously need even more unique music to release... so am, hereby, accepting submissions.

bs,bta is especially open to lo-fi pop, psych folk, analogue synths, abstract rap, weird r&b, mutant disco, experimental queer punk, ambient, dream pop, damaged country rock, free jazz, non-music... from anyone, from anywhere...

Submissions – sent to bsbtasubmissions@gmail.comshould include:

• Some audio files – for a (short) EP, or a (semi-short or longer) album

• Your artist name, and EP/album title

• The order in which your tracks should appear on the release

• A large square image (at least 1400x1400 px, if possible), for the artwork on Bandcamp (just a picture without text; I'll handle the typography)

• Any info (music and artwork credits, web links; "virtual liner notes?") you want mentioned on your release's page, and in promotional material

EP/album pricing (name your price? donations to specific charities?) and such will be discussed with each artist individually.

If you are not quite ready to submit anything just yet, but intend to/are interested, or have questions, do e-mail me. Just so I know what there might be to work with.

Submission deadline... December 31, 2020 (at, uh... 23:59 CET?!)

(Is that enough time? There is, indeed, a lot on most of our minds already, currently!)

Thank you!

Christian Kann on behalf of be sweet, but take action

Copenhagen, Denmark

October 2020